The pizzaly was my personal favourite, the flavours were so amazing that it transported me to a cafe right outside the Colosseum in Rome, that i had visited a couple of years ago. - Nazia Jawwad

From the mouth of a vegetarian - It's hard to come across good authentic Italian vegetarian pizza and so at my Tasting Session at Pizzaly I was more than pleasantly surprised and happy when I savored each and every vegetarian dish that was served. - The Vegetarian Soul

There I was driving down on a chilly Saturday night to JVC on an invite which was sent to me 2 months ago and had skipped my notice. I was a bit skeptical to go there as my last visit to JVC was when there was nothing but sand all around and labyrinth of maze, where even google maps would not work. I had pre decided to quickly try out Pizzaly and leave at the earliest. But all this changed completely when I stepped inside Pizzaly. A lovely boutique run by a very passionate Italian-Corrado. - Foodie_in_Dubai

4 Cheese Pizza - This was our favourite on the table. Hot pizza served with 4 kinds of cheese on a crispy bread dripping whenever you hold it and take a bite. Definitely a paradise for cheese lovers. Mamma Mia! - Divya Sirnani